Production process

AYKO solutions uses only the high quality Raw Materials

In partnership with the Swiss Health Innovation laboratory we supply high quality raw materials. Each ingredient undergoes a strict laboratory control in Switzerland.

Your trust and health are matters to AYKO

That's why AYKO solutions is a priority stage of strict analysis of absolutely every ingredient of dietary supplements. All raw materials undergo strict multi-step laboratory quality control and subsequent certification.

Strict laboratory control and certification

Rigorous, thorough and multistage laboratory analysis, control and certification are carried out in Swiss Health Innovation laboratory according to international quality standards.
Switzerland is the legislator of the highest quality, rigor and reliability.

Formulas for AYKO solutions
Because every element matter

All AYKO formulas are created, analyzed and tested by our Swiss team of doctors and pharmacists in accordance with Swiss strict medical control standards and international CGMP standards for USA.

Divide and combine

Compatibility and high absorption of ingredients is the main goal for AYKO solutions. Because we are like a health puzzle.

All ingredients of AYKO Dietary Supplements undergo strict laboratory tests for interaction and compatibility of the components, so our goal is to create for you a balanced line of supplements that can be taken as a combined course for mutual reinforcement of formulas or individually for each supplement.

Quality - Honesty - Trust

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